40ft Strong

40ft Strong was established to spread my love for strength training.

Upon realising how very little space is required for sports such as powerlifting, the concept for a converted 40ft shipping container was born.

Today I use this small, modern, aesthetic space to teach others how to lift heavy things. Safely. Efficiently. Fun-ly. Huh?
40ft Strong is a space used exclusively for private 1-on-1 and small group Coaching. This means no gym members looking on as you do your thing. Perfect for those anxious about entering a new gym environment.
This space is also available for hire for photoshoot purposes. Again, shooting in a busy gym can be intimidating at best. When shooting at 40ft Strong, you will have the entire space to yourself to use as you wish.
This is a great way to build your social media content, start a modelling portfolio or to simply document your fitness journey.