Nutrition Coaching

If you are looking to lose fat or gain muscle (or perhaps both) but don't want to commit to a nutrition coach that can charge you up to $400 a month, this service could be for you. 

Our goal is provide a nutrition service that can help you make a huge transformation in body composition and performance in the gym without costing you an arm and a leg.

BikerBiddie nutrition coaching uses macro tracking and provides a flexible approach to dieting. We’ll work together to develop short and long-term goals and an in-depth understanding of nutrition that will ultimately guide your food choices to achieving these goals. 

What you get:

• An evidence-based approach to tailoring your nutrition for fat loss, muscle growth and overall good health and well-being.
• Individual calorie and macronutrient requirements 
• Weekly check ins via email to track progress & overcome barriers to success
• Ongoing support, tweaks and adjustments to calorie and macro goals as necessary.
• Nutrition coaching handbook – a comprehensive resource outlining basic principles of nutrition, how to track macros and how to stick to them!
• We cater to all dietary requirements

This service does require commitment from your end to get results. You will be required to track your food daily to receive constructive weekly feedback.

PLEASE NOTE: minimum subscription term is 3 months, then month-to-month after that

COST: $100AUD per month


Meet Leah

Leah is an Accredited Practising Dietitian & Sports Dietitian as well as a competitive powerlifter. She works extensively with athletes from a range of backgrounds including powerlifters, Olympic weightlifters, bodybuilders, triathletes and combat athletes. 

With experience in tailoring nutrition across a variety of sports, Leah is ready to help you nail your nutrition, whatever your goals.