Strength Coaching


I have competed successfully in strength sports (Powerlifting and Strongman) All over Australia and internationally.
Despite a history of a 160kg deadlift, 92.5kg bench press and 155kg squat, and coming 4th at nationals, I now focus my energy more on getting other people strong than my own competitive lifting.
I have been lucky enough to travel internationally to research strength training methods of some of the strongest athletes in the world, and have brought this wisdom home to apply to my client's training.
Get strong with me; Anywhere in the world!
Let' work together to come up with a sustainable plan to help you reach your goals, whether they be strength, body composition, or just to feel better and be a happier, healthier, more confident you!
No quick fixes, just a smart approach and hard work.
Available to anyone with basic barbell skills in any country.

What you get:

- Tailored and individualised strength programming by Paige Mills (@bikerbiddie) that is specific to your goals, level of experience, and likes and dislikes. 
- Load calculator. This means the weights of all your Main lifts are prescribed by me, based on your 1 Rep Max's. This ensures progressive overload, which is VITAL in making progress with your lifts.
- Weekly check in, support, program tweaks and adjustments as necessary. 
- Movement and technique analysis/adjustment coaching via online feedback based on videos sent in by you.
- Advice and support as needed throughout the training block
- Competition planning, including Deloads, general advice on weight classes, and on-the-day handling at local competitions where possible.
- Bikerbiddie Strong T shirt (sans postage); because you're part of the team now!

- "Finishers" Ebook, a booklet of various short, Metcon workouts for those who want to implement some cardio after their sessions, but don't like traditional cardio.

COST: $50AUD per Week

12 week commitment required, can then cancel any time.