10 Week Powerlifting Template Program (4-5 Days)

10 Week Powerlifting Template Program (4-5 Days)

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A full powerlifting program which aims to increase your 1RMs.

-Squat/Leg day

-Push/Bench day

-Pull/Deadlift day

-Bench/Overhead day

-Lower Body day.

This program uses load calculation for the big 3 lifts which are based on your current 1RMs, entered into the top of an excel spreadsheet.

RPE scales are used for SBD variations.

The Powerlifts are prioritised into the first 4 days, so that the 5th is optional.

It comes with a full ebook (PDF) on how to read the program and how to follow it.

Basically everything you need to know to get strong, using equipment most commercial gyms have.

Programs and their ebooks will be sent within one working day (Aussie time).