10 week Custom home program

10 week Custom home program

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Let me write you a custom 10 week COVID program that utilises all the equipment you have at home.

$20 discount if you promise to post about your program in your story when you get it, and tag @bikerbiddie.

When you checkout you will receive an email with a link to fill out a google sheet questionnaire where I'll ask you to list all your equipment, and you'll choose how many days you want to train.

If you have a barbell and enough weights and equipment to squat, bench and deadlift your 1RMs, your program will have a load calculator (but for real you should just sign up for online coaching? Same but better).
If you don't have the above, your program will only have sets and reps listed.

If you only have, for example, bands and Kettlebells, your program just won't be as lit on upper body days as it would be if you had dumbbells.